Life Lessons from Dollar

Dollar Boy

Remember when Ma made you wear those improvised plastic shoes? I rolled on the floor laughing, literally! She hated it when your paws got wet didn’t she? That’s why each time you avoided puddles, I couldn’t help but smile. On the other hand, your raincoat’s very useful. But the custom-tailored sweater, that’s kind of too much wasn’t it? Hahaha. She even bought you a sando that only fit your leg! LOL. Sorry for the silly clothes, puppy.

2013-07-11 09.47.06

And for walking with you in the rain when I’m on emo mode. Remember that day so many years ago, when you ended up on somebody’s window ledge because the rain fell so hard when we were out and I didn’t want us to get drenched? Or that time we “ran away” from home because Ma and me had a fight when in truth we just went to the alley to hide after going our usual route? These are moments I shared with you, moments that I cherish more now…

It’s been a week already; we couldn’t believe it. Seems like only yesterday you were eating that cookie. Well, you’re not really gone, right? Because I can feel you in every beat of my heart — this heart that only you were able to heal. Ma, albeit longing for your presence, is doing much better, coping. We are so grateful for being your family, puppy. Thanks for looking over us back there in dog heaven, and for all the lessons you taught us. You’re the best. πŸ˜€



Be thankful for the food on your table. Savor every meal. Share.


Be in tune with your body and know when it needs rest. Health, truly, is wealth. Relax.


Be a child again — everyday if possible. Life is too short to feel messed up all the time. Enjoy.


Be curious about the world and don’t worry too much. Go where your feet take you. Travel.


Be a source of happiness for those around you. Stay sunny and positive. Laugh.


Be sure to make time for and value your family. Celebrate friendship. Hug.


Be who you want to be and always do the things you like. Check things off your bucket list. Live.


Be beautiful inside and out. Feel great about yourself. Soar!

Family Selfie

For more memories of my brother and best friend forever, read my previous blog Remembering Dollar. You can also go to Dollar’s PackLove account and send your love. ❀



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