Our Weekend Guest

Maxie was my neighbors’ dog. But we were his family. He respected Jack, my brother dog, and played with our cat Shaw. The past four weeks, Ma gave him a bath every Saturday. His owners did not take care of him so each time I got the chance, I borrowed him. He always looked forward to that.

Kuya Jack was his idol

Last night, he passed away. I’m going to hate myself for not coming home 30 minutes early. It was clear he waited for me. In the morning I even promised him I’ll be back for him because he was already really sick yesterday but I had to leave for work. I have no words for how painful it is to lose a dog. I’m writing now because I don’t know what else to do. Do I blame my neighbors for not telling us one of their other dogs died from poison as they suspected, and they never bothered to have him checked? Ma said they probably just threw the other dog in the garbage truck. Do I blame myself because I wasn’t persuasive enough to Ma to adopt him? I’m mad at myself now, thinking of all the ways I could have saved him. But I know he wouldn’t want that. He’d want me to remember him as the happy and energetic dog — puppy (he’s not even half a year old) — that he was. So here are all my photos of him.

When I post his pics, someone would always comment what a cute dog he is.

with his Ate Yanyan, waiting for food that Ma was still cooking


Jack let me cuddle Max

After his Saturday bath

Chlling with Ma in the sala



I saved his chain, along with the green ball he played with.

Turtle Dog

His extra toes!

He learned to sit on command by watching Jack do it. I really miss him. Last Tuesday I carried him while I walked Jack. When he wasn’t sick, we played his favorite game during walks: Unahan Maxie! It’s when the three of us will run and see who wins the race. Of course it’s him as he was off-leash. He also loved rolling in the grass. I hope he’s doing that in Dog Heaven right now.

(It was love at first sight for me. Saw a kid playing with him; I asked for Maxie and nestled him on my neck.) Flashback: May 23, his first visit at home. ❤

We love you Maxie.


2 thoughts on “Maxie

  1. Hi Ida, I feel your loss, there is something in a particular dog that binds us to them. . . maybe it’s the no nonsense way that dog tells you that he loves you, when he looks you in the eye & you feel what he is trying to say, his body language that exudes happiness & excitement when he sees you. . . yes, they love you for what you are & loving them back gets you a lifetime of unconditional loyalty & affection. . I am so sorry that Maxie is gone. You cannot blame yourself as Maxie was not under your care. . . It is just so sad that his owners didn’t care & love him enough. We do what we reasonably can for dogs like Maxie with irresponsible owners, & I’m sure you & your Mom is in Maxie’s heart to the end.

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    • Thank you, Joel. Your words mean a lot to me. There’s still a knot in my stomach but I try not to dwell on the last few days he was in pain. I push myself to remember all the good things. The way he’d jump for joy when I freed him from his chains; how he’d crawl even on cement (to impress Ma) and do air swimming with his paws while on his back; the fact he had a huge appetite yet didn’t like veggies; and yes, the way he communicated with his lovely green brown eyes (one of the many things I adore about him).

      Today’s a Saturday. It would have been his bath, then Jack’s. After which we’ll romp and stomp around the house. When he was smaller, he’s a bit afraid of my and Jack’s horseplay, but he soon got around to it. I let him borrow Jack’s green ball, and what he did one time was show it to Ma – like he was asking her to join the fun. We love him and miss him so much.


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