Ida O.

I’m a dog lover, pole dancer, traveler, and Beatlemaniac. I worked in HR/Events/Marketing/Publishing but I’m freelancing currently, thriving on social media. I find myself when I let loose in writing that’s why I started this personal blog, and because I was prodded by EJ Padero, haha (thanks bro). I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

I started blogging in 2004 even before I knew there was a thing called “blog.” It was for my Journ class in UP Diliman and I called my site ‘Godlike Flower’ — a literal translation of my name in Old Germanic and Latin. What most of the class, including yours truly, did was make narcissistic pages akin to the Facebook profile of today. We published them on GeoCities; too bad Yahoo! took GeoCities down several years later. In 2005-2007, I hardcoded another site (‘Party Colored Maniac’) which was basically my online diary, again and still on GeoCities, while I was at TechFactors. In 2008, I had a Blogger account (‘Idadudes‘) and in 2009, a Tumblr account (‘A Tiger Lost‘). Both were short-lived — mere Internet flings; I also newsblogged for UP IT Training Center (UP ITTC, now UP IT Development Center) via LiveJournal. In 2010-2012, I blogged for Exist Software Labs. Majority of my posts were about training programs, internal events and DevCon activities. I started writing again in June 2013 when I had so much time for myself, hehe. This was on Instagram, not the blogging platform you expected. But EJ saw one post and asked me why I don’t make a decent blog article out of it. So here I am — Ida O. at your service. πŸ˜‰

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