Happiness Is a Warm Pittie

Carol, the very pretty pittie diva

Last week at Waggin’ Tails

I consider it a great honor to meet and greet the LPB pit crew.

It truly warms my heart to see the rescued Laguna pit bulls just having the time of their lives with the volunteers and pet parents showering them with affection, because after what happened to them, they deserve all the love in the world.

Here’s Al Pacino. You can probably guess why he got that name.

Li’l Kim

“Don’t shy!” (I remember in high school this was some sort of a grammar joke) haha…

In 2015, the pitties brought to the event by CARA Welfare were mostly already ‘taken’ (here’s my blog from last year). This time, the dogs were up for adoption. I tried, yet again, to ask Ma if we can. I even pitched to her Ensay’s story.

LPB Ensay got her name from the only thing she’ll eat in the first few days after her rescue: ensaymada!

But unfortunately, Ma didn’t budge. At least I tried.

Pikat Chu happy and contented

I hope Pikat gets adopted soon! The boy seemed to really like her!

It was scorching hot in BGC that afternoon. Good thing the volunteers had ice cubes for the dogs. I was almost envious!

Brutus lapping it up

I don’t like dogs… I LOVE THEM. It drives other people crazy, the way I regard dogs. I feel closer to dogs and I can relate more to them as if we were of the same species. I don’t care whether they have “breed” or not (btw, my dog Jack used to be a street dog aka askal); I love all dogs. That’s just the way it is. But okay, maybe I have a favorite: pit bulls. I wish these lovely pitties find their fur-ever homes soon. ❤️

Oh, Carol!

My friend Kelay with Carol

PS: If you want to DONATE CASH/DOG FOOD or SPONSOR A PIT BULL, go to their website helpsavethepitbulls.com or visit their Facebook page.


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