Eight Days a Week

…I looooove them! ♥♥♥♥


While everyone else was busy selling their kidneys for Coldplay’s concert in Manila, I was at the UP Film Center, standing there, giddily waiting for the cinema doors to open to the most fab night of my life! Yeah yeah yeah!

When will I ever get the chance to watch my favorite band on the big screen, let alone perform live (since only two of them are alive)? Imagine my frustration when I missed The Beatles: Eight Days a Week when it hit the theaters last September. Ayi and I were supposed to catch it but then she had limited vacation days and the moviehouses only played this documentary for like 2 days! I was actually surprised it was distributed here at all. So when a friend alerted me a couple of months later that it was being shown at the UP Film Institute, I was beyond happy!

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Our Weekend Guest

Maxie was my neighbors’ dog. But we were his family. He respected Jack, my brother dog, and played with our cat Shaw. The past four weeks, Ma gave him a bath every Saturday. His owners did not take care of him so each time I got the chance, I borrowed him. He always looked forward to that.
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Polecats Manila

Polecats Manila did a Step Up dance-off: ballet vs hiphop. They were surely fun to watch!

My bad I was late to Polecats Manila’s 5th Annual Student Showcase; Jackie was behaving rather well so I had to reward him with play. 😛 May banggaan din sa Katipunan. Excuses aside, I was glad to be invited to take photos at STELLAR On Reel. There are so many good shots by my fellow snappers, just check out Polecats’ FB page. And there’s also a nice photoblog on Our Awesome Planet. 🙂

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Who benefits from mining gold? Not Lobo, Batangas!

“Let’s leave our children a living planet.” ~ WWF

Talk now, Monica!

…Not the people living in and around the mining area, that’s for sure.  Please help save Lobo, Batangas (beside Laiya) from destruction!  Spread the word!


“…(M)ost, if not all, of the barangay captains who gave their assent to mining–it turns out– did not know what open pit mining entailed. They were told that it would create jobs but did not realize that modern mining is not labor intensive and that it will, in the long run, and for hundreds of decades to come, impoverish them even more. They did not have the faintest idea that the soil upon which they derive crops will no longer be fit for planting, the seas from which they obtain food will die from pollution and poisoning, and the forested mountains that give them fresh air will be blown away.”

“…(A)ll that Lobo now boasts of, environmentally, geographically and historically, are in grave…

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