I Love Pit Bulls!

I kissed a bull and I liked it!

I kissed a bull and I liked it! (Photo from Save the Laguna Pit Bulls FB)

I saw on the Save the Laguna Pit Bulls Facebook page that some of their rescued dogs were in BGC. When I read they had a meet-and-greet on April 26, there was no doubt about it: Imma be there! 😀

Elmyra mode on!

Elmyra mode on! (Photo from Save the Laguna Pit Bulls FB)

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King’s Birthday at Island Waters Resort

Diko, Mameh, Tache, King, Ida and Dei (Diko's gf)

Diko, Mameh, Tache, King, Ida and Dei (Diko’s gf)

It must be more than two decades since I last went to the beach with relatives. Last April 8, King celebrated his 12th birthday overnight at Island Waters Resort in Morong, Bataan. It was a lot of fun!

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DPP9: Digital Photographer Philippines’ 9th Anniversary Fiesta

My first experience as a ringside reporter got me this photo. It's a bit post-processed, but I really am not a fan of photoshopping stuff.

My first experience as a ringside photographer got me this pic. Tried post-processing it a bit. Wdyt?

It was so hot at BGC last Saturday; I only stayed a couple of hours for the digital photographers’ summit. (Put me on a beach, the sun can burn me into a crisp, and I won’t even feel it. When I walk Jack, Tito Rene always calls out my umbrella. “Morning sun, nagpapayong ka?!” Haha.) Okay, so here are some photos documenting my DPP9 experience…

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Polecats Presents PRISM

Polecats Manila

PRISM :: Expressions of Flight and Light
Polecats Manila‘s 5th Anniversary Show

I am honored to be one of the official photographers in the anniv show of Polecats, the country’s premier pole dance and aerial arts group. Also lucky to have met fellow shutterbugs who gave me tips and tricks during the event. And of course, grateful for Kelay and Farlet in rekindling my love for the camera. Here are my photos last Oct. 26, 2014 taken at Whitespace Manila. 🙂

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Jackie B: Back in UP!

Jack sees the UP Oblation for the first time

Jack met Manong Oble. 😀

Jackie B. has been to UP Vet 3x I think, but nowhere else in UP. So here’s our trip to my alma mater last Saturday with my pole buddy Kelay. He enjoyed it so much, he was well-behaved when we went to ChocKiss (when in his turf, he’d usually lunge at people, especially when Ma was around), hehe…

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