I Met My Hero, Cesar Millan!

Ida and Jack with Cesar Millan

With THE Dog Whisperer Himself, Cesar Millan!

Ma and I have fought over whether to keep Jack or not countless of times. If you see her bruises from his bites, you would probably side with her. Even I myself thought about sending him to the province because he drains me. I used to tell Ma, “We need Cesar Millan!” That’s way before his Philippine tour was announced. So exactly nine months after we adopted Jack, when we’re already used to his brattiness, my wish came true. I MET MY HERO.

Jack Bauau Tries to Kiss Cesar Millan

Jack Bauau Turns Fanboy

My pole buddy Kelay gave me the exciting news that Cesar is coming to Manila. She knew about our struggles and how hard I wished he would come to our rescue. But then I learned about the price of his live show tickets: P6k and P7k; P8k ($180) if you want a meet-and-greet. Ouch! I can’t afford that! I didn’t know what hope I had left until I chanced upon an ad on the paper saying there will be auditions for humans and dogs who would join Cesar onstage. For days I waited for updates on the news and on fan pages; finally, I saw on Cesar’s page the link to an online form. Yes! After a few weeks, I received an email from his team containing instructions for the audition. I couldn’t be more psyched!

Jack and I during the audition for Cesar Millan's live show

Jack and I during the audition; that’s John of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) behind us.

Colleen, the producer who emailed us, said there will be three rounds to the audition. I was racking my head (and Kelay’s haha) on what they could possibly ask us to do. I stopped and told myself to trust Jack. Come April 29, we were ready. Or not. LOL.

Jack vs Huskies

Jack: “Can we beat those huskies, Teten?” Me: “We’ll try Jackie.”

The other concern we had is that my smartphone crashed a few days before the show. We will not have photos, let alone a selfie with Cesar! I had to remind myself that this day is about Jack, not me. Off we go to Eastwood. We arrived at 2:30pm; call time was 3pm. So we went for a walk around the Central Plaza. Jack was ecstatic! By the time we went back to the tent, Jack was panting and there was about a dozen dogs already. We sat near the entrance because that’s where we felt most comfortable. It was like a doggie party inside and both of us were curious about the others. We easily made friends with a young beagle and her human, Dennis. 🙂

Colleen, Mallows and Dennis

That’s Colleen (she auditioned us), Mallows (who was onstage with Cesar under the puppy group) and Dennis (who I am eternally grateful for all these photos).

After a couple of hours, Colleen went around talking to the owners who made the cut. I didn’t want to lose heart but she skipped us. I tried not to look sad. When she passed by us, she said we didn’t need to do anything with Jack; this meant he wasn’t gonna be onstage. He was such a good boy the whole time; in our info sheet, I ticked ‘misbehavior’ as his classification. When she returned to our side of the tent, Colleen commented, “everybody’s bugging you huh Jack” (referring to the other dogs trying to roughhouse him; Pancake, the case study on Cesar’s show, nipped at Jack — good thing her teeth didn’t sink in). She turned to me, “he’s sweet.” Then she told me we could have our photo taken with Cesar, and that she would give me tickets! Woot!!! She just sent me to cloud nine!

Cesar Millan Live Show Casting Call

Thank you Jack for a great experience. Ma is proud of you too! (Rightmost photo: I was talking to a boxer named Walden; Mallows’ shirt read “Keep calm and bark on.”)

My takeaway from the audition? As confirmed by Colleen, Jack is a rascal around Ma because he is acting like a possessive boyfriend. He is not an aggressive dog. In fact, he is very loving, which the other owners saw. He climbed and curled on the monobloc chair so that he’s always beside me. When I went to get my eco-bag near the table (the huskies’ corner), I asked Dennis to hold his leash for me; he tried to reach me still, and gave me a hug like he missed me in the one second I was away (this drew an ‘aww’ from those around us). Outside, while people where telling us how lucky we were to get into the audition and be near Cesar, Jack did this trick where I say ‘banzai’ and he stands up then I hold his paws so we could do a little jiggly dance. We did it again inside the tent so it’s not a fluke, haha.


Left: Dennis’ paparazzi shot of Cesar before he went to the audition tent. Right: That’s my free ticket! Gave the other one to Kelay.

I brought Jack home; we arrived at 6pm. Ma was incredulous! She couldn’t believe we lasted the whole audition, got free passes to the show, AND that Jack was calm. Haha! It was a crazy day for us, capped by the most-awaited live show by the Dog Whisperer. All the news articles and blogs could tell you what Cesar did and talked about, but seeing it with my own eyes, man oh man, it was amazing. Cesar is amazing. If, by any chance, you don’t know about him or his shows, go to NatGeo. I now leave you with this quote, which made me miss my love, Dollar, even more.

Cesar Millan in the Philippines

The triple whammy Cesar experienced in 2010 (his beloved 16yo pitbull Daddy died, his wife filed for divorce and he found out he was bankrupt) was similar to what I experienced last year (my 14.5yo brother dog Dollar passed away, I was retrenched at work and my strength for pole was sapped when I blacked out from extreme body pain and dehydration). Cesar is real, just like the rest of us. I hope to be a pack leader like him someday. ❤

“There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.” ~ Cesar Millan


Cesar liked my photos on IG. Aiiiieeeee!!!

Cesar liked my photos on IG. Aiiiieeeee!!!


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