Rain Dog


Jack Bauau, Emo

Jack and I were stuck in the rain for more than an hour yesterday, bundled up under the foot-wide eave of a sari-sari (variety) store. I sat on my slippers to keep my butt off the ground while he sat on my right arm as if he were a little puppy (he weighed 13 kgs — thank goodness I did pole). Unlike Dollar when we’re caught outside during a downpour, he fidgeted a lot. He would poke his nose outside our yellow Pokemon umbrella then put his chin on top of my head, etc. There we were, cheek to cheek, almost switching faces. My legs were soaked as I tried to shelter him from the rain. (He can’t get wet ‘coz he just had his anti-rabies injection the previous day.)


This is the exact store we took shelter in, sans the man reading the newspaper.

We watched cars and humans come and go. Nobody paid any real attention to us. They probably thought I was high. Lol. I imagined us being in the movie ‘Stranger than Fiction,’ with me hearing a voice narrating the events as they happened: “The woman passed them by and didn’t bother to ask them why.” “As the rain threatened to drench her, Ida realized Jack does smell like a dog.” and so on. Anyway, we waited for the rain to subside, which was a long time. Perfect for my ’emo’ self, if only Jack didn’t move around so much.

When delivery boys stopped by (Jack even barked to guard the store), I found a window of opportunity. We could steal their tricycle while they were carrying the mineral water containers inside. Nah. They would probably catch us on foot. Or I won’t be able to start the motor at all. So I got up, carried Jack and walked homeward.

Here’s the progenitor of the “MTV,” but even better. It’s an uncut version of The Beatles’ Rain, the official video of which they sent to the Ed Sullivan Show because they couldn’t make it to the US for the live show performance. Hence, it’s the first music video everrr. It’s also the first song to feature backwards vocals (John Lennon’s). And the only video with Sir Paul McCartney’s chipped tooth.

…when it rains and shines, it’s just a state of mind.

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