Jack’s Trip to UP Vet Med


Jack hesitated when he saw me enter the cab. Ma had to carry him in, but he was okay after. Like he's ridden automobiles all his life, hehe. I was actually the one who was a little dizzy on the way to the vet.

Jack jumps on people. Masyado siyang ma-PR. Ergo, getting him an anti-rabies shot was absolutely necessary. Last 07 August, I brought him to the UP Veterinary Teaching Hospital (UP Vet Med) to have his mange cured. We were supposed to come back on 28 August for a checkup but Ma said it was optional, that Jack was healed. So we just dropped by today for his vaccine.


We arrived at 8:30am and there were no other patients yet. Good thing we came on a Monday. On weekends, it's usually a full house.


Love at first sight. ❀

At the reception, we were ecstatically greeted by the resident female dog “Wacky.” True to her name, Jack was a bit surprised to be around another dog who was more hyperactive than him. The vet, Dr. Lauren, had to call in reinforcements (the guard and two handlers) but while they haven’t arrived, I let the two play. I made Wacky lie down for a while because she was too energetic, Jack couldn’t even go up the steps to have his weight measured.


That's Jack stepping off the scale. He weighed 13kg! A month ago (a week after we adopted him), he was only 9kg.

UP Vet Med

UP Vet Med is open on Tuesdays thru Fridays at 8am to 8pm (with the cutoff time at 6pm) and Saturdays thru Mondays at 8am to 5pm (with the cutoff time at 3pm). On the East Wing, there’s the pharmacy/billing window, records room, comfort room and emergency bay. On the West Wing, there’s the entrance to the examination rooms and the diagnostic lab, among others (apologies for the blurry pictures, Jack was on a leash). In the hallway, there are well-spaced waiting areas for patients and owners so you don’t have to worry about getting too close for comfort to other pets. There are concrete seats outside as well, and the end of the street is closed to vehicles so you can take a relaxing walk with your canine buddies anytime.



No bath for a week. Doctor's orders.

The anti-rabies shot costs P200 (it’s P250 at PAWS) and your dog needs it annually. Dr. Lauren asked if we wanted to avail the 5-in-1 shot (hepa, parvo, influenza, forgot the other two) for P400; I told her our budget from Ma was only for one vaccine. After we paid at the cashier, she prepped the shot and in a couple of seconds it was done!


Are those sheep or goats? We saw them in the fields outside.


Look, the UP Diliman Monorail!

I planned for us to take the UP Ikot jeep on the way home but Jack felt like walking so we did. In 15 minutes, we were at the Krus na Ligas kiddie park; crossing to it was a challenge though, but Jack stayed beside me the whole time so we conquered the C.P. Garcia Avenue successfully. We approached the tricycles to get a ride but there was a woman asking the drivers where the UP Village Barangay Hall was. The drivers didn’t know (this was weird) so I butted in, told them it was in Maayusin St, which is where we live. She agreed to take a tryke with us — she even offered to sit behind the driver so Jack and I could be inside. This way, we helped her reach her destination and we got to save P15 off the usual service fare of P30.


Clockwise, L-R: UP Vet Med facade, Krus na Ligas playground, the woman who asked for directions, our tryke ride home.

Hopefully, it would take another year for us to return to the vet (we already spent P3,000 on Jack’s first consultation for his mange). Good health, Jack Bauau!

Certificate of Vaccination

It felt as if Jack graduated from UP Vet Med, haha…

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