RESTOWANT: The Big “O” in Booking Restos

The Raketeer

The Raketeer

The first of its kind in the Philippines, RESTOWANT is an online restaurant reservation tool. Check out for a taste test. As Lady Luck would have it, the guys who cooked this up offered me a part-time job, which I posted on Facebook as “Waitress” (gotcha Tita Nelia, haha). Seriously, I just do SMM. πŸ˜‰

MunchPunch or Zomato may have a wide array of features and a long list of establishments but they lack one thing… and that one thing is what Restowant has. Restowant focuses on providing users with an intuitive table booking application with SMS capabilities (free for the customer and available at a minimal fee for the restaurant).

Quite a mouthful but it’s actually pretty simple. If you’re a customer who prefers to go online rather than pick up the landline when reserving a food place, just access, browse the resto selection and book a table in a few clicks — it’s as easy as ABC: Access, Browse and Click. If you’re a restaurant owner or manager who wants a hassle-free and paperless system for reservations, then Restowant is the perfect solution for you since it is an easy-to-use customizable web application. More related functionalities are slated to be released soon so you better sign up at to experience the big “O.”


Restowant’s goal is to help restos that rely heavily on reservations thrive in this ever-competitive market by equipping them with the right tool. One of its partners is the Chateau 1771 Group, and the list is growing. If you want a resto to be on that roster, know a resto owner who’d be interested, or if there’s anything you’d like to ask about Restowant, email me at ida[at]restowant[dot]com or leave a comment below.

Restowant was created by a group of young Filipino tech enthusiasts who someday wish to leave their day jobs and enjoy the fruits of their own startup. Currently in its beta stage, Restowant will have a soft launch on Sunday, 01 September 2013. Be there, or be square. Fret not — it’s online.

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