My Stellar 3 and Other Poleformances

Polecats Manila Intermediate 2 Students

Polecats Manila Intermediate 2 Students at the ‘Stellar on Broadway’ Photoshoot (I’m in the middle)

Fat kids with glasses, retainers and zits don’t usually get into dance troupes. When I was in grade school, I was green with envy every time I watched my classmates dance to the latest Streetboys fad during school events, like when the girls performed ‘Lick It’ in the intramurals. I wanted to be part of the cool group, but only so I could dance… Now who would’ve thought that more than a decade later I’ll be in front of about a thousand people, performing!

Here I am pole dancing at Stellar on Broadway to a song from the musical RENT. Organized by Polecats Manila, this was held last 01 June 2013 in SM North Skydome. If you don’t know which one is me in the video, I’m the Mimi who starts with her right foot on the X-stage.

That was the cleanest performance I’ve done to date, thanks to the awesome choreography of Teacher Kayleen Ortiz, Polecats company manager (we happen to share the same surname but we’re not related, although we’re both Beatles fans, hehe). There’s also another upload on the Polecats Manila YouTube channel and in my classmate Ann Dajon’s Vimeo πŸ™‚

Before Stellar though, I had a reputation of being a ‘falling star’ when performing… It’s because I always fall off the pole while dancing. The next two videos are my solo performances to a live band in saGuijo, Makati on 09/22/11. First part of the first video was edited because even if I didn’t get hurt from the blag, it hurts the eyes that watch it. LOL.

It was sort of a freestyle because I didn’t know how to choreograph myself — it was my first public outing as a pole dancer — let alone condition my pole, McCartney. It was pretty cold in saGuijo because not a lot of people showed up so the pole was extra slippery and I didn’t rub it off vigorously enough. Anyway, I felt good after; told myself “I did it!”

Next off, a little dance for the Halloween party on 11/03/11 at the old Polecats studio. I didn’t fall but I didn’t finish the routine either. My other problem is my stamina (most prolly because of my diet). Plus I was born lazy; I was told that when it was my mom’s due date, I was still sleeping inside her womb and didn’t wanna come out. Haha!

Still the same year, at the Polecats X’mas party last 12/17/11, I got the chance to solo perform again. Accidentally. I hardly attended class around that time so I didn’t memorize the choreo for Intermediate 2. Then none of my classmates showed up that day (others who did were not feeling well) so I had to represent the class. A face-to-palm moment. But I danced! And never repeated a trick or spin, so it was an accomplishment for me.

Forgive my not-so-perfect execution of stuff, esp. the flexed feet. I didn’t tell my teachers then but I was already on meds for my minor left shoulder injury — yes, the side I fell on. I was also a little woozy. But courage got in the way of caution, hehe.

The moral lesson of the story is, aptly stated in a Japanese proverb, “if you fall down seven times, you get up eight times.” Happy poling!

With my awesome pole doubles partner Vicky plus Bambi and Nielsen at Stellar 3 (photo by James Oliver).

With my awesome pole doubles partner Vicky plus Bambi and Nielsen at Stellar 3 (photo by James Oliver)


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