Truth and Chosequence

Holding on...

Holding on…

Time to face the TRUTH. I’ve been pescatarian for 11 years and a pesky eater for 29; I don’t eat meat plus I’m a picky eater (I even dislike tofu — I only eat it if Ma dices it and mixes it with other stuff to make spring rolls; even then there’s that awkward feeling to it — when she was cooking it and the smell got to my nose, instant nausea). I take B Complex and C vitamins daily, with the recent addition of Fish Oil and the occasional Iron supplement, but I still lack nutrients that help store energy and restore muscles. Going back to eating meat is not on my plate; I’ve accepted eating seafood as a necessary evil but that’s it. If you have suggestions on a food supplement, feel free to comment below. Intra capsules worked for me during undergrad and I am sampling Maca powder now from Kelay (which she learned from Marga). Nothing too expensive please; since I posted this on IG, I received quite costly recommendations, hehe. Then having said all that, maybe it is just my heart that needs repairing. It was broken just recently. CHOS.




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