Happy Hairy Hummingbird


My first pole session at Polecats Manila was on 01/18/11. I averaged one class a week to stay on my budget. Was able to save for my pole, McCartney, too (originally my pole buddy Kelay and I were to share him). Even though I didn’t train for weeks at a time, I made sure to take the evaluation test every quarter. By 10/18/11, I was in the Intermediate 2 class.

In 2012, I went on a half-year hiatus. Would’ve come back earlier but I overspent on my travels. Then Kelay came to the rescue; she made earrings that I could sell and voila! I had a class card. You know I’m prolly the thriftiest pole kitty. Since 2011 I’ve only had four pairs of sports bra and shorts, plus the two tops my good friend Joed See gave me.

This summer I lost my job. I was declared redundant at Exist Software Labs, along with other HR personnel. Funny, when I related this to job interviewers who were foreigners, they couldn’t understand it at first. And it’s not about the content of what I’m saying but rather of my pronunciation of ‘redundant.’ I had to repeat it, which kinda felt redundant. LOL.

Thank goodness for Stellar 3, our pole recital, as it served as a good distraction from my adult woes. Now chin up and look! It’s June 2013 — roughly two years as a pole kitten — and I just attended my 96th pole class.

“Time really passes by. Just another step and BOOM. We’re in the future,” wrote my 12-year-old self.


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